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Alibaba Agent in Bangladesh

Alibaba agent in Bangladesh, it is easy to order products from Alibaba. Currently the most popular e-commerce site is Alibaba. All over the world, people from different countries are constantly buying Alibaba products.  Alibaba was founded in China. It is a multinational e-commerce company. Online based wholesale shopping is done here.

 You can buy cheap products at wholesale prices. So everyone gets an entry to buy products from Alibaba.

 This organization is international. There is no shortage of products here. Here is a huge collection of different things. Because there are many sellers here. There are billions of sellers from different parts of the world. Not any seller in a specific area. Each person is from a different area.

Easy shopping by Alibaba 

 Most wholesalers in our country buy products from Alibaba agent. Later they are sold at higher prices in the domestic market.  They get a lot of profit from it.

 Wholesale as well as retail or sell can be purchased from Alibaba. Anyone can order and purchase products on Alibaba.

 But a few days ago, if anyone wanted to buy any product, he / she had to go outside the house. Or had to go to the shopping mall. But thanks to this information technology. It has become easier for us. Now we can buy any product of our choice at home.

 Alibaba is such an establishment. From here we can purchase products. This institution is at the peak of popularity. Because it is a trusted organization. It is supplying products all over the world. It fulfills the needs of its own country. Resale products can also be purchased from this platform. So its popularity is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. For this, many people want to know about Alibaba Agent in Bangladesh. Today’s article is written about Alibaba Agent in Bangladesh.

Alibaba Agent in Bangladesh

Alibaba  History

 Everyone knows the story of ‘Alibaba and forty thieves’. Secret passwords are used to open hidden doors in this story. And a huge treasure is found. Inspired by this story, the founder of Alibaba named his company “Alibaba”. He hoped to bring a possibility to all small and medium enterprises through his platform. And so it happened. It is now at the peak of popularity.

 The Chinese multinational company is Alibaba. It is a great platform for retailers. This company provides services between buyer-seller, buyer-buyer, trader-trader.

 It is a great platform for retailers. Their site Ali Express is the most popular. Through this one can buy products very easily at home. Buyers and sellers can buy and sell products according to their choice. According to Forbes, it is the ninth brand in the world in the global business index.

Jack Ma founded Alibaba with 17 of his friends and students. It was established on 4 April 1999. It is a selling company.  Multinational e-commerce, internet, technology and wholesale products are sold here. It provides buyer-to-buyer, business-to-buyer, business-to-business product buying and selling services through web portals.

 Alibaba agent is one of the top 10 most important companies in the world. It provides services in about 200 countries of the world. It is one of the largest retailers in the world.

Rules for ordering products from Alibaba

 Alibaba is the world’s largest B2B product selling site. Any product can be purchased at wholesale prices from here. Not only Chinese companies sell here. Sellers from all over the world. There are also many sellers from Bangladesh who sell products on the website.

Alibaba Agent in Bangladesh

Below are the rules for purchasing products

 First you have to open an account on the Alibaba website.  There are 2 types of accounts.

  •  Seller account
  •  Buyer Account

 People who sell products are seller accounts. And those who buy products are buyer accounts. But here, both seller and buyer can be done with one account.

Step: 1

 First, you need to download the Alibaba software from Google Play Store.

 Then the account can be opened by logging into the website with a valid email.

 A code will be sent to the email after providing the email. The account must be confirmed with the verification code sent to the email.

 There is no need to provide more information if you are a buyer. But if you are a seller, you have to fill in a lot of information.

 Step: 2 (Confirm supplier, price)

 After the account is ready, one can search for products according to one’s choice. If you search in this way, hundreds of seller companies will come forward.

 Warmings to find sellers

 The first thing to remember when buying is to find a gold supplier. Otherwise there will be a possibility of cheating. Choosing someone who is a five-year gold supplier.  Gold Supplier Seller is a special feature of

 To become a gold supplier, Alibaba agent has to pay an annual fee of 1250. In return, a team from Alibaba agent visited the seller’s office and the entire supply system. And verifies that everything is fine. It is best if the person from whom the product is purchased is a gold supplier seller. Because there is no possibility of cheating.

Product pricing

 It is necessary to know whether the price of the product is FOB or CFR. FOB means the seller will deliver the product to the port of the buyer’s country. But one has to bear the transportation charges himself. But CSR means that the seller will deliver the product to the buyer’s country port with transportation fees. You don’t have to pay anything yourself. So it is better to check it while buying.

 Some products have lower prices. But the original price is more than that. Therefore, it is necessary to directly ask the price while buying. And it is necessary to know how much money is needed to deliver to Bangladesh.

 Check the origin of the product

 It is better to check where the product is produced. The price is slightly lower if sold from the place of manufacture. One acts as a middleman if not sold from the place of manufacture. It costs a bit more. So it is important to look at the seller and price of the product as well as the origin.

Import samples

 After everything is checked, samples need to be imported to confirm the order. Because in it things can be known, understood and seen very well. In most cases the sample is sent free when the deal is done. But if the product is expensive, you have to buy the sample.

 At a glance, what to keep in mind before choosing a final supplier. That is-

  • Must be a gold supplier.
  • It should be kept in mind whether the price is FOB or CFR.
  • Check the country of origin.
  • The product purchased or sourced should be checked. If not made by themselves, the price can be high.
  • Trying to buy products from the original country.

 After selecting the product, next there is an option to contact the seller or get the latest price by email. From here email the seller with a personal email id and ask for product details.

 Later they will contact this email id. The email must be in English. Not pure English but English that can be understood. Normal English will do. Here again the price is asked. Spoken to import if preferred.

Import costs from China

 To purchase products from website, international payment method or Western Union is followed. However, payment can also be made through credit cards. For this it must be dual currency with the card. Usually sellers send goods via DHL, TNT, FEDEX. And you have to collect the goods by charging yourself from the port.

 A courier charge of Tk 2100 is required for weighing 1 to 1000 grams. And if it is more than 1000 grams then 3500 courier charge has to be paid. Import charges depend on the product.

 How long does it take to import from China?

 It takes seven days to import goods via DHL, TNT, FEDEX. It may take more. Certain rules are followed to export goods from one country to another. It takes a little more time. 

However, the product is available in less time via DHL. The product is available within 4 days.

Alibaba Agent in Bangladesh


Alibaba Agent in Bangladesh

Alibaba is one of the largest online wholesalers in the world. But Alibaba has no office in Dhaka. Or a showroom anywhere in Bangladesh. But an Alibaba agent in Bangladesh is available.  Alibaba agent sold their products through international payment methods. The product has to be collected after ordering online. And it’s a bit troublesome.

However, Alibaba has an Alibaba agent in Bangladesh. It basically works as an Alibaba Bangladeshi agent. But they do not help in any importation. It helps only in export products. Exporting requires opening an account on the Alibaba website. And company verification is required.

Total import solution” The company is working as an agent of Alibaba. You can easily purchase products from this website. They usually sell various machinery. Their product categories are given :-

1.Plastic & Rubber Machinery

2.Pharmaceutical Machinery Supplier

3.Industrial Construction Equipment

4.Engineering & Construction Machinery

5.Construction & Real Estate

6.Building Material Machinery

7.Apparel & Textile Machinery

8.Agricultural Machinery & Equipment

You can start business with them if you want. Their contact address is given:-

Plot 126 (ROSE PALACE), Road 108, Shikhder Real Estate, Western Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209.  +8801717954302 (WhatsApp)

Email :

Bottom Line 

Alibaba agent is a trusted place to buy wholesale or retail products. It is one of the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace or e-commerce retailers. Currently Alibaba is growing in popularity. Alibaba has been expanding equipment

 tremendously with time. It is expected to continue in the future as well. Alibaba’s online market has huge potential for Bangladesh. Alibaba agent in Bangladesh. So exporting products from Bangladesh has become very easy. Anyone can invest here and succeed in business.