Alibaba Product in Bangladesh

alibaba product in bangladesh

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The Chinese company suggested a Bangladeshi product area on

The well-known e-commerce giant, which was established in 1999 by Jack Ma and his partners, wrote the Bangladeshi Embassy in China on May 10th to convey this interest and request cooperation. The company raised the issue with embassy authorities in April.

The issue was recently brought to the attention of the commerce ministry by Muhammad Monsour Uddin. He is a Bangladeshi Commercial Counselor in China. 

“In collaboration with local partners like Tradeshi Limited,

We have enabled Bangladeshi SMEs to export.”

Alibaba stated in a letter dated May 10th.

The company intends to establish connections with various government ministries, including the Export Promotion Bureau and other trade agencies, to further promote Bangladeshi goods. 

Additionally, it wants to establish connections with regional e-commerce groups like e-CAB

Find B2B foreign business firms permitted to provide services in the country.

Alibaba declared that it would assist regional small and medium-sized enterprises in discovering new markets worldwide

and ease international buyers’ access to Bangladeshi suppliers.

About 100 Bangladeshi suppliers are currently offering goods on the e-commerce company’s website. Alibaba went on, “Despite the fact that it is still within its early phases, it has a lot of opportunity.

alibaba product in bangladesh

Former Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services president AKM Fahim Mashroor said :

Alibaba sells less than 1% of its overseas goods to Bangladesh.

“Alibaba’s desire to market Alibaba product in Bangladesh is encouraging. He told Business Standard,

“IIt can support the expansion of our SMEs, but the government should exercise caution while handling the situation.”

Fahim Mashroor continued, saying that although Alibaba accomplished

little for those nations, it did open up markets for Chinese goods in several of them. “In Bangladesh, a huge amount of Chinese products are being sold by Alibaba platforms

[Daraz and AliExpress],

It has ruined the companies of numerous regional enterprises” 

Thus, he said, the government needs to exercise extreme caution

when collaborating with a business that sells Chinese goods.

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alibaba product in bangladesh

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Yes, all of Bangladesh’s major cities, including:

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