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China to bangladesh product import

A large amount of goods are import products from china to Bangladesh every day. China is the biggest trading partner for Bangladesh. However, two methods are always adopted to import goods from China to Bangladesh.

One of the methods is to import goods by collecting your own license. But if you want to import products regularly through a license, then you will need a lot of capital. But it is a safe process to import goods. There is another method of importing goods from China.

That is, China has a large number of importers of goods. Any trader can directly deal with them and bring Bangladeshi products if he wants. Products from various suppliers can be procured in Bangladesh through importers. These suppliers will take the product order from you and deliver it to Bangladesh.

But in this case, your license is not mandatory. You can import products through suppliers without a license if you want. We will find out in today’s article about China to Bangladesh product import

What Are the 5 Major Imports for Bangladesh?

There are some products that are imported most of the time in Bangladesh. These products are directly imported from Shanghai, China, to Bangladesh. Billions of dollars worth of these products are imported every year. Let’s know about those products.

  • Cotton: Four. Billions of dollars worth of goods are imported every year. and its total amount is 12.1%.
  • Oily Mineral Fuels: $6.8 billion worth of fossil fuels are imported from China every year. and its total amount is 9.4%.
  • Computer equipment: $6.5 billion worth of goods are imported. And it’s not the total amount. four percent.
  • Electrical Appliances: Its total value is four point five billion dollars. and its amount is 6.4%.
  • Iron and steel’s total amount is 3. 8 billion dollars. and amounts to 5.5%.

Besides, there are some other products that are constantly imported to Bangladesh. Let’s know about them:

  • Serial: 3 per year. 4 million dollars worth of plastics and plastic products are purchased. And the year-end volume is 4.8%, and the plastic content is 4.5%.
  • Vegetable fats: Imports of vegetable fats, oils, and waxes amount to $2.4 billion. And the import of this plastic material is 2.4%.
  • Crocheted fabric: Crocheted fabric imports amount to 2.1 billion dollars. And its total amount is 3%.
  • Vehicles: 1.95 billion dollars worth of vehicles are purchased every year. and its total amount is 2.8%.
China to bangladesh product import

Can I Iimport Directly From China?

Products can be brought directly from China to Bangladesh using several methods. But in this case, you need to know about the import business first. Let’s take a look at the methods:

  • Firstly, you have to choose a product for import. But you cannot import any kind of product. They are: Meat, poultry, and animal by-products. Cosmetics and medical products. Fruit, vegetables, and shed Any type of alcohol and branded product
  • Secondly, you have to find a supplier. It is the main source for importing your import products from china to Bangladesh.
  • Examine your product properly. It is your main task to find a supplier and examine your product properly. They will offer you a good idea for importing your product. So you can import your product confidently.
  • You have to do classification and calculation. First, decide how much you want to spend on your product. And watch your budget. It should be observed that the price of products is higher than the budget.
  • Placing an order The quantity of your order should be communicated to the supplier first. However, most companies in China can accept product orders of up to 10,000 units at a time.
  • Prepare for and await the shipment. You need to hire a temporary broker for full transportation. This type will keep your documents safe for your needs. and will deliver it to you.
  • Make payments to China. After completing all the procedures, you have to confirm the money. In this case, Stapler will pay you all the money he gets. If you do not pay, you will not receive the product on time.
China to bangladesh product import

Import Products From China To Bangladesh Cost

How much money it will cost to bring Import Products From China To Bangladesh depends on the mode in which you are bringing the products.

In case we can name different companies, The cost of bringing products to these companies may vary. Let’s see how much each product costs:

  • DHL products cost $37. In this case, the weight of the product should be 0.5 kg. But it is only acceptable for documents.
  • A 10-kg parcel document costs $96.
  • If you want to send a 20-kg parcel, it will cost 258 dollars. But it is only acceptable for documents.
  • Sending a document weighing 30 kg will cost $358.
  • To send a document weighing 70 kg or anything, you need to spend $768.
  • It costs $164 to ship a 2 kg FedEx.
  • Shipping a 68-kg parcel will cost $761. But it is only acceptable for parcels.
  • UPS usually charges $72 to ship to Bangladesh. Its weight is usually 1 kg.
  • Documents weighing a maximum of 70 kg can be sent from China to Bangladesh. In that case, the cost will be 1696 dollars.
China to bangladesh product import

Import Products From China To Bangladesh Time

There is no specific time frame for how long it will take to import goods from China. It depends on different shipping operations.

Again, the natural environment is partly responsible. Sometimes the timing is also determined by how much product you are going to import. Traffic and clearing issues are involved for cargo to reach Chittagong port from China.

Importing goods from China to Bangladesh involves various traffic issues. Let’s know how much time it takes to bring products from China to Bangladesh by any means:

  • Sea Freight Time: Bringing Import Products From China To Bangladesh through this means is a time-consuming matter. Usually, it takes 15 to 40 days to bring the product to Bangladesh.
  • Air Freight Time: As it is a fast process, it takes four to seven days to deliver the product.
  • Express Shipping Time: Express shipping takes 4 to 5 days to deliver the product.


Import products from china to Bangladesh used to be a bit time-consuming. But now it has slowed down a lot. Now products can be brought from China to Bangladesh in a very short time and at a very low cost.

Currently, millions of businessmen are becoming self-sufficient by adopting this method. So you can start this business if you want. In today’s article, we have discussed import products from china to Bangladesh in detail. You will benefit from reading the entire article.