How to import products from China to Bangladesh

Today we discussed how to import products from China to Bangladesh. There are two ways to import goods from China to Bangladesh. One way is to import under one’s own identity, and for that, one must get one’s own import licence. This is a very good option if you  import products and want to import a lot of products. Another way is to work with other Chinese importers. Such as the work of Supplyia Imports. Contract importers will accept your order first. And then quote for you.

How do I start importing goods from China to Bangladesh?

In this article, we will learn how to import products from China to Bangladesh. China is Bangladesh’s largest source of imports and trading partners. This is also a good option if you don’t have a licence. Bangladesh has some alternative routes to import goods from China. The step-by-step instructions are as follows:

Get an import license from the Government of Bangladesh.

Generally, the things required to import goods into Bangladesh. Include a letter of credit authorization or a bill of airway or lading. Also, a packing list or commercial invoice. Such as the original certificate of certain imported goods or services. That requires relevant government agencies. Such as import permits or more certifications. That is related to safety, health, and other matters. Less documentation is must for the public sector.

Know what you import.

You can import various products from China to Bangladesh. What kind of products to import from China to Bangladesh must be determined first. And we can do market research to import the best products. And find the best product through it.

Conduct research on suppliers.

Google can easily find wholesale suppliers in China, like Alibaba. Also, find sourcing agents like Supply. China is famous for importing Bangladeshi products for export companies. You can choose any one from the list of many suppliers. You can also take on import rent. Factors to keep in mind while selecting a supplier are price and small order quantity. You can first check if your criteria are being met . For this, you can also check the sample. But please note that if suppliers provide samples for free, you must pay the sample shipping cost.

Analyze your budget.

If you want to be in international trade, you must first know how much you will spend. Determine your budget by considering all factors related to shipping costs. This decision is very important, and it will save you from the financial disaster of transit.

Contact the supplier.

You may now have a list of potential government officials. This list will help you find the best shots. But, suppliers should clarify a few things, including:

The best opportunity is to confirm the price of each product during production. Payment option small order if you can pay that amount.

  • Knowledge of these factors will help you find the right supplier for your run.
  • If you find a supplier with a good deal, discuss shipping with them. This includes discussions on the production time, quality, and price of others.


Once your greeting is received, you can allow payment for your run and move on. China will import goods into Bangladesh with a secondary letter of credit. And it is a need of yours.

Shipping agent from China to Bangladesh

But, find a good shipping agent who can send your product to the right location. Be sure to confirm shipping clearance policies, timings, and documents. The shipping agent must help you calculate the duties and taxes on the product you want to import.

How much does it cost to import Bangladeshi products from China?

There is no separate tax or duty to  pay for importing goods from China to Bangladesh.

How to import products from China to Bangladesh through online

Importers of Chinese products in Bangladesh will get various platforms through Google. Get profiles of hundreds of Chinese product importers on various social sites. But, if you want to buy products from these sites, you have to be extra careful. Many times, fake products are sell as Chinese products. So, while buying products, you must review their import process. Also, the necessary documents are needed to be sure about the product.

In what process can goods be imported from China to Bangladesh?

We are very curious to know how to import products from China to Bangladesh. Importing goods from China to Bangladesh is much easier. To import products to Bangladesh. There are freight routes and well-established freight systems from China to Bangladesh. Sea freight is the most popular way. Importers come to Bangladesh with large quantities of goods. And express delivery to import goods from China to Bangladesh. This process has made China’s and Bangladesh’s exports and imports easier.

Sea ​​freight

Sea freight from China is an excellent method to import Bangladeshi products. Importers in Bangladesh prefer to ship goods from China by sea freight. And it is affordable. The main shipping ports in Bangladesh are Mongla and Chittagong. China has full access rights to these two shipping ports. Bangladeshi products are imported from China’s Huangpu Port, Guangzhou Port, and Shanghai Port. You can import goods through any one of these ports.

Air Freight 

Air Freight imports goods from China to Bangladesh. For shipping medium quantities of goods. Bangladesh prefers air freight to ship fragile and expensive goods. Because airports provide good cargo handling and security. Bangladeshi products can be imported from various airports in China. Such as Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Udom International Airport. And Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, etc.

Fast delivery

Light-weight parcel express delivery services are fast, convenient, and affordable. you want to send your important documents and product sample papers. Then other packets can be sent through this service.


In this article, we learn how to import products from China to Bangladesh. You can buy Bangladeshi products  from the Chinese factory. As a result you will buy at a  small price. Ensure the quality and standard of the factory. You will need to pay 100% of the import and freight charges before shipping the product. And you will need a warehouse for installation.