Alibaba Machinery Supplier Dhaka Office

Alibaba machinary Dhaka Office

Alibaba Machinery Supplier Dhaka Office

Alibaba Machinery Office is now famous in Bangladesh. Many changes have come in our lives in this age of technology. The advancement of information technology has made many things easier. Its contribution to increasing mobility in our lives is unparalleled. Today, we cannot imagine our lives without information technology.

Every subject has technology to do with it. Such as career, food, education, communication, and the buying and selling of any product. A few days ago, one had to go directly to the store and buy any product. But nowadays, we can easily shop at home. Through these e-commerce companies at reasonable prices.

Introduction to the Alibaba Dhaka Office

Many people are interested to know where this Alibaba Machinery supplier Dhaka Office is. And interested in buying its products.

There are many more e-commerce platforms. Among these, Alibaba is a popular e-commerce platform. Alibaba is now a popular medium all over the world. The products of this company can now be delivered all over the world, and they have been able to do so.

Since the opening of this e-commerce company, it has been catering to the needs of all countries. Through this site, it is possible to buy many products or resell those products. It is known as a trusted shopping medium. E-commerce is currently at its peak of popularity in Bangladesh.

Alibaba Machinery Supplier Dhaka Office

Where is the Alibaba Machinery Supplier Dhaka Office located?

Alibaba is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. But Alibaba does not have any offices in Dhaka. Even Alibaba has no showroom or office anywhere in Bangladesh. Alibaba sells products through international payment processes. But if you want to collect the product, you have to order online first. And for many, the process is troublesome.

But even though there is no office in Dhaka, Alibaba has an agent, so the service is also available here. It acts as the Bangladesh office’s agent. But this is not the Alibaba Machinery Dhaka Office. This office does not help with imports. Only assists in export operations. To export on the Alibaba website, an account must first be opened. And for this reason, the company needs verification.

Tradeshi Company works as Alibaba’s Bangladesh office. This organization only helps with export operations.


Rose Palace, Plot 126

Sikhdar Real Estate, Road 108

Dhaka, West Dhanmondi, 1209.

 Phone Number:



 +8801717954302 (WhatsApp)


Different agents of Alibaba E-commerce

Contact No.

Freight and forwarding in Bangladesh

Alibaba importer in Bangladesh

Contact +8801717954302

Contact an Alibaba agent in Bangladesh at +8801717954302.

Alibaba Bangladesh Office Equipment Supplier

company: Call +8801717954302

 Alibaba Machinery Dhaka Office: Contact: +8801717954302

Alibaba machinary Dhaka Office

History of Alibaba

Alibaba is a multinational wholesale, e-commerce, technology retail, and internet company. Jack Ma founded Alibaba with a total of 17 people, together with his friends and students. It is a selling company. It provides a very easy service. It was established on April 4, 1999. It is a web portal for business-to-business and buyer-to-buyer. also business-to-business buying and selling of goods.

This service is provided through the Job Portal. Alibaba became the second Asian company. And surpassed the $500 billion market value in January 2008. Alibaba is the ninth-most valuable company in the world. Alibaba Machinery Dhaka Office is known as one of the largest retailers. It is worldwide, serving over 200 countries. The company is ranked 31st and 8th among Chinese companies in the 2020 index of Forbes Global 2000.

Alibaba product listing:

Currently, Alibaba products are being bought. Alibaba has many products.

Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Apparel and Textile Machinery
  • Plastic and rubber machinery
  • Industrial construction machinery
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Building Material Machinery
  • Engineering Construction Machinery
  • Construction and real estate
  • Pharmaceutical missionary supplier
  • Communication device

Payment Method

Alibaba is a very well-known and popular e-commerce platform. You can import products included in Alibaba from anywhere in the world. If you import any product through Alibaba, there is no hassle. How to pay for the product is mentioned below:

Bank transactions

It’s a bit of a complicated procedure, but if you know it well, there will be no problem.


PayPal is a popular payment method. Payments are easy via PayPal worldwide.

Alibaba Machinery Office

Alibaba is giving special benefits to Bangladesh.

Alibaba is China’s largest e-commerce company. This e-commerce company wants to provide an opportunity. It allows various Bangladeshi companies to sell their products. However, Alibaba does not have any offices in Dhaka. But it also gives them an opportunity to sell products through their website.

In exchange for this opportunity, they have to pay an annual fee. Manufacturers in Bangladesh can sell products for this fee. If they want, they can sell products through the Alibaba website. How many products can they sell?

According to a report in Asia through Nike, the company wants to do more business in Bangladesh. This report was published in the Financial Times. Because Bangladesh

Top country in the world in apparel and textile production.

Alibaba has proposed to have a separate page for them. And this website will be named ‘Made in Bangladesh’. Bangladeshi products will be displayed on this page. They said that their proposal would help Bangladesh. To become number one worldwide for manufacturing and sourcing apparel for retailers.

Alibaba acquired ‘Daraz Bangladesh’

Daraz is one of the most popular and largest e-commerce companies in the e-commerce market. Daraz is basically a foreign company. Its journey in Pakistan started in 2012. Daraz gradually started their work in all surrounding countries. But Alibaba bought Daraz’s entire South Asian unit in 2018. Alibaba has acquired the assets of Daraz in full legal ownership.

Alibaba has continued to expand the scope of their company tremendously over time. It is hoped that its activities will continue in the future. Bangladesh has huge potential. Alibaba’s online market


Alibaba does not have its own office in Bangladesh but has agents. Those who work for Alibaba But they do not do any import work; they only help with export work. But you can purchase products through contact with the  Alibaba Machinery Dhaka Office.

You can learn about Alibaba from various videos on YouTube and various Facebook pages. A company called Tradeshi works in Bangladesh on behalf of Alibaba. And if you want, this organization can provide support for export.