Alibaba.Com Bangladesh Office

In the era of modern information technology, our lives have undergone radical changes. Bangladesh Office is a reputed e-commerce company with global reach. These days, we can shop from the comfort of our homes through this company. Alibaba has become popular as a trusted shopping channel. Currently, Alibaba’s popularity is at its highest in Bangladesh. We are eager to know where the Alibaba office is located in Bangladesh. We will explain this topic in the article.

Alibaba.Com Bangladesh Office Address

Alibaba is one of the biggest and most famous online wholesalers in the world. Alibaba does not have any office in Bangladesh, and even in Dhaka, Alibaba does not have any office. International payment method:

Alibaba sells their products. Online ordering and collection of products is a difficult process. But Alibaba has agents in Dhaka. It functions as Bangladesh Office. However, they only help exports and do not help imports at all. But to export anything from Alibaba, you need to open an account on their website. And company verification is required to activate the account. In May 2018, Alibaba launched Daraz. one of the e-commerce platforms in Bangladesh, and in March 2021. It acquired Hungary’s Naki through its local branch, Daraz. Alibaba is a wholesale marketplace. Here, you can buy and sell in full at affordable prices.

Also, Tradishi Company works with the support of Alibaba’s Bangladesh office. This organization can only assist in export activities.

Address of the Alibaba office:

Rose Palace (Plot 126), Sikhdar Real Estate (Road 108), West Dhanmondi, Dhaka, 1209.

Phone Number:

+8801717954302 (whatsapp)

+8801883037337, +8801840480011


Contact No. of Alibaba E-commerce Agents:

Alibaba Bangladesh Office Equipment Supplier Company

Phone number: +8801717954302

Alibaba importer in Bangladesh (Freight and Forwarding in Bangladesh)

Phone number: +8801717954302 Bangladesh Office in Dhaka, Phone No. +8801717954302

Address of Tradeshi office contact:

Dhaka, Masjid Road, Banani DOHS, 109,


+880 2983 6681/6652/6682

Alibaba.Com Bangladesh Office

Alibaba’s history

On April 4, 1999, Jack Ma founded Alibaba with some of his friends. Alibaba is a selling company. The Alibaba Bangladesh office is engaged in buying and selling various products and selling wholesale products. It provides very good service. It also provides services for business-to-buyer and buyer-to-buyer buying. and selling various business products through a web portal.

Alibaba is one of the world’s top ten corporations. It provides various services in around 200 countries around the world. Alibaba is a company known as the world’s largest retailer. In January 2008, Alibaba became the second Asian company. to cross the $500 billion market value mark. According to the Forbes Global 2020 index, this company ranks 31st worldwide. And among Chinese companies, it ranks 8th.

Alibaba Company Product List

Alibaba sells many products. These products can be exported to different countries around the world. These products can also be found in Bangladesh. Alibaba’s product list is:

  • Apparel and Textile Machinery
  • Rubber and plastic machinery
  • Agricultural implements and machinery
  • Engineering machinery
  • Equipment for building materials
  • Real estate and construction communication equipment
  • Missionaries for pharmaceutical supplies

Process required to add product listing on

  • First, you need to register at
  • Next, you need to set up a company profile. such as business location, type, size of company, plans to sell products, and goals.
  • Include your product list. such as product images and detailed descriptions.
  • to know as a good communicator in the international market. like quick communication and response with potential buyers. Establishing and maintaining a good and healthy relationship with the client, etc.
  • Take advantage of’s wide range of training and educational resources. such as e-commerce, industry analysis, basic knowledge of the Alibaba platform, etc.
Alibaba.Com Bangladesh Office

Benefits offered by Alibaba Bangladesh Office

Alibaba is China’s largest e-commerce company. Alibaba wants to provide product sales facilities to various companies in Bangladesh. Although Alibaba does not have an office in Bangladesh, But it helps them sell products through the use of their website. In exchange for this, you have to pay something free every year. Manufacturers in Bangladesh can pay this fee if they want. and can sell products on the Alibaba website.

Alibaba has also proposed to have a separate page for them. This separate website will be called Made in Bangladesh. Bangladeshis can display their products on this website.

Alibaba payment method Bangladesh Office offers various payment methods to customers. Processing fees go through the pros and cons of each aspect of time and security.

PayPal method

PayPal is considered the first secure payment method. It works and also provides safe money for buyer protection.

by debit or credit card

A debit card or credit card is a common means of buying and selling products on Alibaba. This medium is also quite fast and easy. Payment through this is done in one to two hours.

Wire transfer

Another name for wire transfer is telegraphic transfer. This process is considered quite risky for foreign purchases. But if you have purchased the product through Alibaba’s trade assurance scheme, there are problems. But paying via transfer on Alibaba is an expensive way.

Alibaba.Com Bangladesh Office

Any type of product can be sold through Alibaba.

All kinds of products can be sold through Alibaba. But the best-selling products are:

  • Personal care and beauty
  • Sports and recreation
  • Pet supplies
  • Various home appliances
  • Various toys for mothers and children

You can also sell everything from home decor to mobile accessories. and natural medicines for various kitchen appliances, etc.


By following some tips, it is possible to increase product sales. through the Alibaba Bangladesh Office. such as product competition, competitive price offers, and samples. and demonstrations of others, creating a strong online page. and targeting various customer reviews and requests. This is one of the best online wholesalers in Bangladesh. Orders for various products are also increasing day by day. Alibaba is a popular medium for shopping for products. Alibaba is delivering its products all over the world. and meeting the needs of all countries.