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Alibaba Bangladesh Supplier

Many people want to buy products from Alibaba Bangladesh suppliers. They enjoy it because this is their business. Many people want to know how to buy products from Alibaba machinery Supplies Bangladesh.

And it’s a well-known fact that buying from a supplier gives you more benefits. We will discuss step-by-step. Which products are available at lower prices from which suppliers.

  You can buy wholesale products from an Alibaba Bangladesh supplier. It can buy through an online wholesale store in China. But the main office of Alibaba is locate in China. But, various suppliers in Bangladesh buy products from this wholesale headquarters in China.

Most of the wholesale suppliers want to buy products from their headquarters. Bangladesh. But you have to  be concerned about your wholesale product. Because they are e-commerce companies. We will find out in today’s article about Alibaba Bangladesh Suppliers.

How can I get my product from Alibaba?

You can  buy daily necessities from Alibaba. But, it is important to follow some rules to do business. By buying wholesale products from this company. If you are a supplier in Bangladesh, then you must have your own logo.

Or you must have a trade license of your own. Sometimes you don’t have your own trade license. Without a personal logo, you can’t buy and sell products  from Alibaba. Let’s know how I can get my products from Alibaba.

  • Finding suppliers on Alibaba:

 First, find out which products you are interested in buying online. Find your trusted supplier on Alibaba. This is the best way to buy products. You can buy the product from the wholesale supplier. It is for a certain amount of money to buy the product.

  • Evaluating suppliers:

 Here you will find the names of the suppliers after selecting others. And there, you will also see their company profile name. These link to their profiles. The next step is to find out the companies of your suppliers, the products they sell, and their employees. As a result, you will be encouraged to learn more about your production process.

  • Contacting suppliers on Alibaba:

You should contact various suppliers before purchasing products from Alibaba. Because different suppliers have different opinions. As a result, you will get the right business advisor.

  • Placing an order on Alibaba: 

After collecting product samples, choose which suppliers you want to buy products from. And negotiate the price with them. Pay through Ali Baba’s designated payment system. You have to be concerned about the shipping terms of the ship or plane. It is a must to let them know about your shipping plan for delivery of the product.

  • Shipping your products from your supplier to Amazon FBA:

Be aware of purchasing your products from Amazon FBA. Local sellers communicate with suppliers for shipping. But most of the suppliers follow the flight system. They hire and ship the product first. But most of Alibaba’s suppliers do business with Amazon.

How do I find Alibaba Bangladesh suppliers?

We can provide you with various numbers of Bangladesh Alibaba suppliers. You can buy products by contacting them. But you have to be aware when purchasing products. Because different supplier connections for Alibaba wholesale products are not easy,

Alibaba supplier:

Total Import Solution:

 Alibaba Bangladesh.

It is open almost 24 hours a day.

Phone number: 8801717954302 (WhatsApp)

Alibaba Bangladesh supplier price list

The prices at which Alibaba’s Bangladesh suppliers sell products are:

Product list Price
Paint Rutile Titanium Dioxide. It is Pigment High Purity Competitive. It is the Price of Industrial Grade . BDT 220.97
The Cheaper Price of Bicarbonate Sodium GGG is: BDT 28,172.81-BDT 31,487.26
Good Discount of Agri Fungicide Ziram . It is 95%TC WDG WP. BDT 265.16-BDT 1,104.82
Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 33%.The regular Fertiliser Granular Agriculture.  BDT 82,861.20-BDT 99,433.44
Low Price Roof Tiles Bangladesh.It is known as Stone Coated Metal Roof.  BDT 154.68-BDT 176.78
The Building Material is 14mm 16mm and 18mm.The Bangladesh Steel Rebar L/C Payment . BDT 33,144.48-BDT 49,716.72
China Boiler Diesel Oil Gas Fired Boiler.You can find it in Bangladesh . BDT 97,223.81-BDT 27,620,400.00
5000W Metal Halide Fishing can use it On Water Sea Luring Fish Lamp.  BDT 10,274.79-BDT 10,495.76
Sunchonglic Fan 16 Inch. The wt is 45w and the volt is 220v. Motor Fan Parts Table Fan  BDT 226.49-BDT 254.11
Compound Premix Feed Animal Feed   BDT 65.19-BDT 319.30
Factory Direct Sales Galvanised Steel Strip/Coil  BDT 54,135.99-BDT 61,869.70

Alibaba product in Bangladesh

Almost all products from Alibaba are available to buy in Bangladesh. From daily-use items to food, clothes, and even grocery items, you can buy from Alibaba. A large number of workers regularly deliver Alibaba products home.

If you want to buy Alibaba products from Bangladesh, then contact the suppliers. You can pay after receiving the full amount.

Alibaba product in bangladesh Price list
Eco friendly cloth . It is 100% organic must have a comfortable Slim fit. $1.80 – $2.70Min. Order: 150.0 piecesContact with Bangladesh supplier
Men’s can buy it from Online Shopping 100%.   $45.00 – $70.00Min. Order: 1 pieceContact with Bangladesh supplier
OEM is100% cotton.  $1.00 – $2.00Min. Order: 500 piecesContact with Bangladesh supplier
Men’s Fashionable Polo Shirt. 100% cotton  $3.00 – $5.00Min. Order: 500 piecesContact with Bangladesh supplier
Men’s T Shirt. This t-shirt is a Short Sleeve Customised Design smart t-shirt. $2.50 – $3.90Min. Order: 300 piecesContact with Bangladesh supplier
Custom Printing Logo. 100% jute bag. $2.00 – $3.00Min. Order: 200 piecesContact with Bangladesh supplier
100% Nature Jute Shopping Bag  $0.30 – $1.50Min. Order: 5000.0 piecesContact with Bangladesh supplier
Good Quality Custom Size Logo Print Jute Tote Bag  $1.50 – $3.00Min. Order: 300 piecesContact with Bangladesh supplier
Wholesale Multiple Sizes Durable Fine   $30.00 – $40.00Min. Order: 1.0 pieceContact with Bangladesh supplier
JUTE SHOPPING BAG $0.50 – $5.00Min. Order: 500.0 piecesContact with Bangladesh supplier

Alibaba Bangladesh suppliers are  working to deliver Bangladeshi products. Currently, you have to acknowledge our opinion. They include Bangladesh. And Alibaba suppliers do their best to deliver products to Bangladesh.

And hire some suppliers to deliver products from Alibaba Bangladesh. Contact them to get your hands on the product. We have given the phone number. And address of various suppliers in Bangladesh in this article. Find the number of your preferred supplier and contact them.