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Alibaba Bangladesh office

Currently the import business is a very profitable business. Alibaba Bangladesh office Import products from China are the first choice of traders. You can get more profit by investing little money in it. E-commerce companies have become the centre of hope and trust for buying and selling products nowadays. In the era of information technology – it changes every aspect of our life. 

We thank technology for making our lives easier. Technology is involved in every aspect of our lives. Some years ago we had to go to the market to buy products and services. If one needs anything, they have to go outside the house for shopping. 

What is Alibaba

 Jack Ma, a Chinese English teacher, founded Alibaba in 1999. Alibaba is basically a platform like US Amazon and eBay that connects business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B) and consumer to consumer (C2C). 

These works are divided into three separate sites. e.g. 

  1. taobao for B2C,
  2. tmall for B2B, 
  3. Alibaba for C2C.


This site is Alibaba Group’s business-to-business platform. It connects businesses with manufacturers worldwide.  By using it traders find bulk product manufacturers for businesses and import into their own country.


It is the world’s largest e-commerce store. It is the 4th most visited website in the world according to Alexa ranking. This site connects consumers to consumers. It does not charge any fees for transactions. It earns money through advertisements.


It is called the Amazon of China. It connects merchants with customers like amazon. After Taobao, Tmall is the 2nd largest e-commerce site in the world. It was created with an eye towards the growing middle class.

Alibaba Bangladesh office

Alibaba Earnings

 At first, Alibaba started as a commerce marketplace or e-commerce. Although it started as a commerce marketplace, Alibaba Group is now associated with various businesses and services. Below are some of the business list:

  • Alibaba, Taobao, and Tmall earn most through these three sites.
  • Juhuasuan, this is a site selling Flash like Graphon.
  • Alibaba Cloud Computing.
  • Laiwang, a mobile messaging application that competes with various sites.
  • Aliwangwang, it provides instant messaging service.
  • Sina Weibo, which acts like Twitter for the Chinese.
  • UQ is the Chinese version of YouTube. It also has a film business.
  • Plastics and Rubber Machinery
  • Apparel and Textile Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
  • Industrial construction machinery
  • Engineering Construction Machinery
  • Building Material Machinery
  • Pharmaceutical missionary supplier
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Communicative Instrument
  • Cloud computing 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Online payment 
  • Internet service 
  • Media and entertainment 
  • Health and sport 

At the time of establishment there were 17 workers. Currently, there are 120 thousand employees working in this company. In 2020, over one trillion dollars worth of products were sold through this company’s e-commerce platform.

 Also, the Alibaba e-commerce platform has more than 1 billion active annual users.

Alibaba Group’s Ant Financial has invested in Bangladesh’s top Mobile Financial System bkash.  Besides, the domestic online market has acquired Daraz.

Online shopping

But now by using the internet we can buy online from anywhere in the world. It is a very simple method. These are being done through e-commerce companies. One of the most common and popular e-commerce companies is Alibaba. 

You can do business with Alibaba from anywhere in the world. Here shopping is very easy and cheap. This institution has fulfilled the domestic demand. Also able to deliver products to different parts of the world. 

Alibaba is a trusted organisation. Its popularity is also at its peak. Buying and selling from different countries of the world is done here. So many people want to know about the Alibaba Bangladesh office

Alibaba Bangladesh office

Alibaba Bangladesh Office

 All people involved in the import business know what Alibaba is. It is an online e-commerce platform. So many people want to know about the Alibaba Bangladesh office. Because Alibaba is a trusted company for shopping. So many people in Bangladesh want to buy wholesale or retail products from this Chinese company. Alibaba is basically a Chinese online shop. Alibaba’s main office is located in China. But Alibaba has offices in different countries around the world.  Below are the names and addresses of all Alibaba offices:

Alibaba Corporate Group Campus

Alibaba China Co. Ltd.

969 Yest Yen Yi road

Yu Hang District 

Hangzhou 311121

Alibaba China

Tel:    (+8 6) 5 7 1 8 5 0 2 2 0 8 8

Fax:  (+8 6) 5 7 1 8 5 2 6 9 0 6 6

Hangzhou Bin jiang Campus 

699 Wang Shang Road

Bin jiang District 

Hangzhou 310052

Alibaba China 

Tel: (+8 6) 5 7 1 8 5 0 2 2 0 8 9

Fax: (+8 6) 5 7 1 8 9 8 1 5 5 0 5

Hong Kong Alibaba Office:

C/O Alibaba Service Group Ltd.

26/ F One Tower, Times Square. 

1 Matheson Street of Causeway Bay. 

Tel: (+8 5 2) 2 2 1 5 5 1 0 0

Fax: (+852) 2 2 1 5 5 2 0 0

Alibaba Taiwan Office:

11/F No. 1 8 8 Sec. 5

Nanjing E.Road of Songshan City. 

Taipei city 1 0 5 7 1

Tel: (+8 8 6) 2 6 6 0 2 9 8 8 8

Fax: (+8 8 6 ) 2 6 6 0 0 8 8 1 8

U.S. Office Alibaba:

4 0 0 South EL Camino Real 

Suite 4 0 0

San Matteo, CA 9 4 4 0 2


telephone: (+1) 1 4 0 8 7 8 5 5 5 8 0

Fax: (+1) 1 4 0 8 7 4 8 1 2 1 8

U K Office Alibaba ( U.K. and Ireland and Nordics)

5 Southampton streets

London W C 2 E 7 H A


Italy Office Alibaba ( Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece) 

Corso, Europa 1 3

Milan 2 0 1 2 2

France Office Alibaba ( France, Israel, Middle East and North Africa region) 

1 2 4  Rue De Réaumur

Paris 7 5 0 0 2 

Germany Alibaba Office ( Germany, Austria,  Switzerland, Turki and Eastern Europe)

Victu alien market 8, 1st Floor.

Munch 8 0 3 3 1

Australia and New Zealand Alibaba office 

Collins street 4 1 1, Level -2

Melbourne of Victoria 


Netherlands Alibaba office ( Netherland Belgium anL luxembourg)

Herengracht 4 5 0 

Amsterdam, 1 0 1 7 CA.


Japan Alibaba office 

2 7 F Kyobashi Edo grand 

2 2 1 Kyobashi Chuo Ku

Tokyo 1 0 4 0 0 3 1


India office Alibaba 

unit number 1 0 1 A

Platina building 1 st floor

G Block, plot number C – 5 9

Bandra Kurla Complex 

Bandra, Mumbai, India. 

Telephone:  (+9 1) 2 2 4 2 3 3 5 2 3 3 

Alibaba Bangladesh office

 Alibaba Bangladesh Office 

Alibaba is the largest e-commerce company in the world. Anyone can purchase products from this platform.  Products are purchased from Alibaba following international payment methods.  Anyone can purchase the product from anywhere in the world by following the procedure.

 However, there is no office in Bangladesh as Alibaba Bangladesh office.  So if you want to buy any Alibaba product from Bangladesh, you don’t need to go to Alibaba Bangladesh office to buy it.  Alibaba has no showroom in Bangladesh.

 Products must be ordered from Alibaba’s main office. Alibaba has offices in different countries around the world.

 But there are agents of Bangladesh Alibaba. Total import solution 

 Company Bangladesh works as an agent of Alibaba. You can open a seller account on their website and work as an agent with them.Their contact address is given:-

Plot 126 (ROSE PALACE), Road 108, Shikhder Real Estate, Western Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, +8801717954302 (Whatsapp) +8801883037337

Email :

 One of the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace or e-commerce retailers is Alibaba. Currently Alibaba is growing in popularity. Alibaba is a trusted place to buy wholesale or retail products. Alibaba has offices in various countries around the world. But there is no office as Alibaba Bangladesh office. So it is a bit difficult for the people of Bangladesh to buy products from Alibaba.